Minutes for First Quarter Wednesday  February 17, 2021


Meeting was called to order by Megan Baker at 12:15 pm.


4th Quarter Minutes for 2020 was approved.


Treasury report was given by Debbie Macknight. The Balance to date is $4,916.00. Expenses paid this last quarter: MCMA Show Submit for $125.00.


2021 Dues are due. Treasurer will be sending out invoices. Dues and Workshops are the  only sources of income for GCC.   $35 single, $50 for 2 people.

  • Look for invoice or Mail payment to P.O. Box- Please let us know thru e-mail, so we can check the box more frequently.


Workshops for 2021 are moving along.


Ana Leal:   April 17th & 18th Sat/Sun. 10-5 each day, at Phoebe’s. 12 spots minimum. Ana will be bringing 2 thrown pieces for each person.   Ana uses Duncan underglazes. Some will be provided for the workshop.   Attendees can bring their own too (other varieties are fine). Individuals can bring extra pieces to work on if there is time after the provided pieces.   Attendees  should also bring sketches for inspiration: flowers etc… And plastic to cover your pieces.

Ana uses a plastic/porcelain type clay(B mix) Standard 356 is good. Do Not start out with Laguna Frost, it is more difficult to work with.


  • CDC guidelines will be followed; masks and social distancing as possible. If an attendee or Ana is sick, a full refund will be issued.

  • Look for emails and registration information.

  • Phoebe will be working on how she can accommodate us with social distancing.         Hopefully it will be a beautiful day and we can open doors and windows for ventilation and some could work outside. Lunch will be provided both days.


Judy Brater: Phoebe is checking on this, about possible rescheduling her workshop for a later date.


Education and Community Outreach;

Teacher Workshop: as per Dan and Mary DeFoor, was cancelled this year by the GA Art Education Association (GAEA).


The Dalton Creative Arts Guild has tentatively scheduled an Art Teacher Clay day workshop for Spring 2022.


Luce volunteered to hold a workshop in 2022. More details and an outline of the workshop to come.

Marietta Cobb County Museum of Art (MCMA) - September 19, to December 19, 2021.  Update: 

Each participant may enter up to 3 pieces for jury process. A piece can be made up of numerous parts, but it all must be cohesive and will be labeled as one.

  • Each person can enter up to a total of 6 photos of their pieces.

  • Submission will be through Show Submit and GCC has paid the fees for entry.  Work needs to be submitted by July 12th. (This submission will automatically send your applications)  We should hear back by August 15th.

  • Accepted work is to be dropped off September 9th. MCMA will provide 10 promotional postcard invitations for each artist. (.30 each additional).

Open Reception Sept 18th- 2 complimentary tickets are provided for each exhibiting artist. General tickets are $10.

General admission to the museum is free on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Show runs through Dec 19th  with pick-up on Dec 20th.



No other shows are currently scheduled. Our Resource Chair, Julie and the board are working on creating a member resource for shows, exhibits, etc. If any members have suggestions for galleries. They have worked with, or would like to work with, please feel free to let us know by e-mail to: JulieNunn@protonmail.com.



Currently we have 2 positions open on the board, Members Chair and Volunteer Chair.

Please volunteer if you can help GCC in either of these positions.

  • Members Chair duties include Welcoming new members and contacting current and prior members as needed for encouraging and continuing membership.

  • Volunteer Chair will help coordinate exhibits and workshops. They will be the person of contact when the need arises, be it an item or volunteer opportunity.

            Lynna volunteered to assist with needs that arise. So, if you are up to being the       

            Chair, you have at least one person you can call on.


2nd Quarter Meeting:

We will be returning to the evening meeting for the spring and summer. It is currently scheduled for Wednesday May 12th at 6 pm. If anyone would like to host the meeting, please contact any member of the board.


  • In conduction with this meeting, the upcoming deadline for the MCMA show and Show Submit requirements, we will be holding a photo workshop before this meeting. Members can bring their artwork to be photographed and learn more about doing their own photo shoots.


Other Business and Opportunities


Fred Ellis offered to start Raku nights again soon. Tenativly starting April or May for the first Raku night of 2021. Look for more information and a small fee to cover fuel and glaze costs.


GCC equipment that is currently housed at Fred and Laura’s studio (tent, chairs, shelves, raku kiln) is still welcome to be stored there.


Last Meeting an idea was thrown out for a live model workshop. This would be a possible ongoing opportunity for drawling, painting, or sculpture. If you are interested please e-mail us with “Live Model” as the subject.


Attendence: Debbie Flat, Debbie MacKnight, Megan Baker, Phoebe Maze, Lynne Gron, Barb Murphy, Fred and Laura Ellis, Trini Cline and Luce Van Asten.