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President Phoebe Maze called the meeting to order at 6:05pm. The late start was due to heavy rains delaying arrivals.


The Minutes for the February meeting were approved.


Treasurer Report: Current balance $4,987.00. Debbie Macknight continued to report on the workshops. All three workshops combined had a net loss of $160. Cost of the clay, food, and last minute cancellations of participants the reason. A discussion of pricing and registration polices will be held prior to finalizing the cost of any upcoming 2020 workshops. Breaking even is the goal. On the upside GCC has 43 members now. And increase of 14 since January 2019. GCC 2019 Exhibits and Art Shows Glimmer County Art Center July 12- August 7, 2019 207 Dalton St. Hawthorne Hall, Ellijay Ga, 30540 The Prospectus and Images should be sent NOW. Your prospectus and photos should be sent asap Attn: Tony Zsep. This is new deadline, he called Phoebe. He is now making the floor plan and beginning the marketing. It is time to send the prospectus. Don’t wait until the final entry deadline of June 12 for best the results. Photos or images( jpg only 300+dpi) of your work should be sent to Gilmer Arts( gilmerarts@ellijay.com) Be sure the photos of work is clearly marked with artist and title. In addition, print off the GA prospectus, fill it out. Take a picture of the document, using cell phone, add that photo of your prospectus with your images . Email the entire package. Technology at work! Or snail mail everything to address on contract. Please reply or CC to: gaclaycouncil@gmail.com that you have sent your paperwork to Tony. We need to know who has responded. When you deliver your work, you must unpack your boxes. Boxes can be stored, or taken with you.

18 members at the February meeting have committed to participate! Its looking like an exciting show. Fabulous facility! Reception Friday July 12,2019, 5:00 to 7:00pm. Drop off: July 10 or 11 between 10:00am until 4:00pm. Pick Up August 8, 10:00 am until 5:00pm or August 9, 10:00 to 2:00 pm. Commission is 25%. The Prospectus and artist contract are attached as an email with minutes. Attachment #1. pdf labeled Georgia Clay Council Exhibit.


Cherokee County Art Center, 94 North St. Canton, Ga 30114. October 5-October 24. Drop off Tuesday October 1 or Wednesday October 2, 11:30am-4:00pm. Breakdown Oct 25-26. The reception will be on a Saturday October 5, 2-4pm. Not on a First Friday, as in the past. No paperwork is pending at this time.


Blue Ridge Arts Center 2020 is under development for January 2020. More details at August meeting. Save these dates!!! Exhibit: Georgia Clay Council January 11 – February 22, 2020, Richard Low Evans Gallery Opening Reception: January 11, 2020 5pm – 7pm. Commitment to show due Thursday, November 7 at GCC quarterly meeting. Art work due: December 20, 2019 11am – 4pm (Alternate Date -01/03/2020) Artwork Pickup: February 23, 2020 11am – 4pm. Contract sent as attachment #2. Labeled 2020 Exhibit agreement.


Marketing the Art Shows : All the art centers listed above have reported stronger sales when the visiting artist send out postcards and use Facebook to contact their individual customers. A discussion followed about vista print. 100 copies run around $19.99 depending on the prime code etc. at your disposal. It was suggested you teaming up with a fellow artist and share a postcard the costs and double up on the exposure from using 2 mailing lists. FYI Standard post card stamps are 35 cents. Post cards could also be handed out at local galleries showing your work.


Workshops 2020


Judy Brater

see Judy Brater Art Pottery-Home|Facebook. Judy specializes in hand building and altering wheel work with textures adding natures subjects. She will also present glazing techniques using a video. Possible February 2020workshop. $130+TBA pricing review for 2020.


Liz Zlot Summerfield

see Liz Zlott Summerfield on Facebook. Hand build using slabs and templates. She offers a different format than what has been offered last few workshops. April or May 2020 $150+ TBA pending pricing review for 2020.


Round Table hands on Discussions briefly discussed. Slip and decals, mold making, airbrushing underglazes, were couple topics given. Any suggestion? Let us know. The photo roundtable was a great success, more can be done, we just need feedback.


GCC and the board toured The Canton Mill Exchange Monday May 6. It is still under construction. The site is a restoration of an old mill with 200 upscale retail booths and restaurants being developed. View: www.cottonmillexchange.net see artisan and merchants. The mill will feature 2d artist and 3d artists as well as upscale home décor and some boutiques. Upscale Home Décor being their primary focus...which includes us. No resale items, collectables, or flea market booths.


The Basics:

     1. GCC is looking at a 15 x 8’ ( 120 square feet) of RETAIL space is available within walking distance to restaurants and brewery. An Open space area connects the mall setting.

     2. A six month Booth rental commitment/contract is required. $400 per month first and last mos due upfront.  

     3. The Cotton Exchange will handle all transactions, sales tax withheld at point of sales, 10% commission on all sales, no required booth setting, cutting each artist a monthly check, easy load in and out, lighting provided and regulated by fire marshal. We will have one outlet for things like Holidays lights, etc.

     4. The Grande opening depends on site construction completion by July 15, 2019, then booth construction in September 2019. Opening is not firm, make plans accordingly.

2. General Operating Tasks GCC is the umbrella to make the Mill space available, and not solely responsible for the working relationship with the Mill.

     1. Developing Booth décor and furnishings in upscale design, coordinating booth display construction with members.

     2. Operating budget for booth construction and operation.

     4. Booth maintenance and general up keep coordinated with GCC members. 

     5. Collecting monthly payments from member and making payment to Mill.

     6. Maintaining working relationship with The Mill and City of Canton. +

     7. Signage and coordinating /assisting member marketing of booth space. 


GCC Members wishing would participate are required to:

     1.Commit for 6 months. Pay a deposit of $100 which be applied towards first months rent and booth construction supplies.

     2. Understand and sign a contract outlying GCC booth policies for rental at The Mill.

     3.Tag items using Mill artists Id code and price each piece, keeping your own inventory sheet for your reference.

     4.Members may be responsible for filing with IRS, fyfi 1099 may be required by the Mill, TBD. 

     5. Members will be asked to assist in booth set up prior to opening, depending on manpower required.

Levels of interest:

1) Are you willing to sign and commit money asap?

2) Are you interested by not ready to commit money?

3) You have no interest at tis time.

It is essential to let GCC know your position enabling GCC to make plans for booth space and usage agreements. Please respond by email to gaclaycouncil@gmail.com. No response will be taken as no interest. If you are interested we need to know ASAP. Cost of participating, and booth space available depends on number of members indicating comment. For example: 10 members dividing 120” sq. feet = 12 square feet of display space, floor to ceiling approx. 3’ish w x 8’high, @$40 per month. This is just an example, its not firm. Lots of variables exists until GCC has list of committed artists, and a working floor plan.


In closing , distance does make it hard for everyone to commute to the meetings. Which means there’s a lot of to read, this meeting had a full agenda, but then, a lot is going on. Thanks for taking the time to read, respond, and add deadlines to your calendars. Welcome to all new members!! I hope to soon see your images up on our web site. If you have questions contact our web site chairman Megan. meganmbaker@yahoo.com

The next quarterly meeting will be Thursday August 8, 2019 6:00pm. A Potluck and plant swap will follow the meeting. The meeting will be at the home of Phoebe Maze. 12053 Rhinehart Collage Parkway (SR140) Waleska, GA 30183.


Members attending: Cathy Meincer, Debbie Flatt, Raye Tobin, Ann Wallin, Robin O'Connor, Linda Zlotnik, Fred and Laura Ellis, Janet Smith, Debbie Macknight, Mike Sherrer, Triny Cline, Megan Baker, Phoebe Maze, and Sue B. Chisholm

Respectfully submitted, Sue B. Chisholm Secretary GCC May 15, 2019

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