2nd Quarter Meeting 2021, May 12.

Meeting was cancelled due to gas shortage and weather concerns.


Roundtable – photo workshop: If members still have items to be photographed for submission to MCMA, Julie Nunn has made her set-up in her studio available. See image below.


Bills paid:

  • Wix (the website), was a 2 year minimum, and the cost has gone up. Last year it was $96 for a year. Now we are paying $300.93 for two years. We have the money, but maybe in two years we will need to consider another platform if it keeps increasing. 

  • The Go Daddy (hosting) was paid in April also for 2 years, $37.98.

  • The P.O. Box was $148, due and paid at the end of June.

MCMA Exhibit:

Show Submit- members should log in and have their submissions ready by the cut-off day of July 10th. Members can log in, begin the process, and edit or change their information until the July 10th cut-off. (We were originally told the 12th, but Show Submit has the cut off as the 10th)

Show Submit has easy to follow instructions on their website. (If you have questions, *See “Show Submit Walkthrough” for easy to follow instructions on setting up your account and finding the GCC at Marietta Cobb Museum of Art entry) If you have other, or more technical, questions the Show Submit people are very helpful too.



We are looking for member suggestions or galleries that might be a good fit for our group. Please reach outto the board with any suggestions or contacts.



Our last workshop with Ana Leal was so much fun. I know it was a great learning and (sorely missed) socializing experience for everyone. As part of the glaze information, Ana talked about Daven’s policy to mix glazes for customers. Ingredients need to be in weight, not percentages, for Daven’s to measure. Kim Barr sent in an excellent Excel spreadsheet for glaze mixing that will convert your percentages into weights so you can get the exact amount of glaze you want. (See button for download below, or email us and we will send the spreadsheet directly to you. GaClayCouncil@gmail,com) Thank you Kim!

Suggestions for the creation of a written agreement for future workshops have been made. Kathryn will work on creating a document that outlines our expectations (hours, interactions, supplies, class outline), our responsibilities (location, food, payment), and the presenters needs (equipment, clay, support).

A form for feedback after workshops on how we can improve in our organization and how we host the event has also been suggested. If the presenter would also like feedback from attendees, that can be addressed in the follow-up questionnaire.

Upcoming Workshops:


2 Day Surface Decoration with Luce. More information to come.

Judy Brater- Phoebe to contact about possibly scheduling for later this summer or fall.


Ideas for future presenters:


Stacey Morgan – slip trailing, handles, octopuses (I looked it up ;)

            Suggestions are encouraged – What would you like to learn?


One day workshops:


Ann Wallin held a Raku workshop about 2 years ago. Would members be interested in another workshop along the same lines? Ideas are welcome.



Update from Dan Defoor about the Georgia Art Education Association Teacher Workshop with the Creative Arts Guild


After checking with Dalton Creative Arts Guild and the Georgia Art Education Association district presidents, we have April 23, 2022 as the suggested date for our teacher workshop. If this date will also work for the GCC, we can go ahead to confirm it and move on to planning the programming. (Date is fine, please mark your calendars)


I know it has been a while since the workshop was proposed in the pre-pandemic times, so I'll just briefly review what we have in mind.  We want to do a one-day hands-on workshop for art teachers in the school districts that cover northwest and most of northeast Georgia. The Creative Arts Guild has a large covered concourse space where we can set up multiple concurrent 1 and 2 hour workshops. There is an indoor space that may also be available for wheel throwing workshops (if it isn't, we can move the wheels down to the concourse). GAEA will handle advertising to the teachers and registration. Our need from GCC is talent - members to lead at least three hands-on workshops plus, if Fred is willing to once again bring the portable raku setup, several members willing to help with that. In an effort to keep costs as low as possible for the teachers, this will be an all-volunteer effort, though we will provide lunch and will reimburse presenters for supplies.



Investing in our organization, workshops, and outreach education:

The GCC has a consistent bank balance of over $4000. It has been suggested that we should, since we run as a non-profit organization, carry a lower balance. A few ideas on how we can invest some of this money in a way that will provide benefits to the members and community have been suggested: (new suggestions are welcome)

  1. Presentation technology – overhead monitor & camera for workshops.

  2. Loaning library for tools, books, molds, kiln furniture, glazing tools/sieves/scales. All could be useful for demonstrations, workshops, and roundtables.

  3. Investing in a community studio, such as the Cherokee Arts Center.

  4. Outdoor lighting for Raku nights at Something Southern Studio which hosts the events.

  5. Laptop for dedicated GCC secretary work.


Next Quarter Member Meeting: Wednesday, August 11, 2021 @ 6 p.m.


Glaze Mixing Spreadsheet