GCC Meeting Thursday August 9,2018

President Fred Ellis called meeting to order 6:00pm


New Business


Georgia Clay Council Executive Board Responsibilities.

Nominations will be taken at next meeting November 8, 2018. Elections February 21,2019.  

President: Responsible for monthly communication with exec board members, directing sustainable growth for GCC. Jobs include: the coordination and creation of annual goals, setting goals, and delegating goals and objectives. Other duties include: maintaining the operating structure and setting the direction for GCC. Goals should be presented (with prior exec board approval) at first quarterly meeting.  The president then maintains annual goals. President to Chair quarterly and exec board meetings. 

Vice President: Second in line to hold president position, should that become necessary. Optional to chair one committee of choice, such as social media or membership.

Secretary: Responsible for minutes and quarterly meeting notices. Maintaining internal documentation to ensure goals can be communicated with membership. Responsible for the coordination of updating hard copy marketing materials.

Treasurer: Maintains finances and billing payments, including dues and workshop records. Reporting financial status at quarterly meetings.

NEW Coordinator of Exhibits 2019:  Coordinates with the president the planning, development and execution and daily operations. Coordination responsibilities also include communicating with the GCC board, host or site director, and members who are participating.  Appointed position. Needs no election to take place.

NEW Coordinator of Workshops 2019: Coordinates with the president the planning, development and execution and daily operations.  Coordination responsibilities also include communicating with the GCC board, host or site director, and members who are participating as needed.  Appointed position. Needs no election to take place.


2019 GCC Goals are under Development (not in order of importance, all goals need volunteer commitments by February 2019, enabling GCC to continue to provide service to clay artist community in north Georgia). Members can sign up as volunteer for area of interest November/ February meetings.  These goals are being developed from members ideas and input over last 12 mos.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

1.Membership. Define and create membership coordinator position in 2020. Coordinates with the president and exec board the planning, development and execution developing a strategy to build membership.                            

A)  Increase outreach to regional art centers and clay artist in 6 northern counties of GA. Currently GCC maintains working relationships 5 northern counties B) Contact past members inviting them to rejoin. Action: email has been sent this week, per Laura.


2.  Build a Resource List of north Georgia regional art centers and contacts. GCC board will start to compile the list. Members are asked to provide local art center information, if they know a contact. Volunteers will be needing to assist in coordination and mailing/ distribution of GCC materials.  

Action# 1:The updated 2018 Post cards and brochures were distributed to members at the meeting to share with their respective local art centers, and at shows. Post cards and brochures are available, contact Fred. 678 310 4502 or email gaclaycouncil@gmail.com

Action#2: Marie Luce Van Asten kindly volunteered to check with Blue Ridge and Ellijay art centers regarding future exhibits. She will get back with Fred.


3.  A) Revival GCC Gatherings. Quarterly Meetings are Feb, May, August and Nov. GCC members are invited to host

     B) Round table discussions and pot lucks, March, April, June or July. Topics tba. Volunteers needed to host.           

     C) Raku firings 1 or 2 times weather permitting. Spring fall or both. Volunteers will be needed to help with set up.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

4. Complete liaison between GA Art Teachers Assoc and GCC. Create the art educator resources coordinator position and a list the of GCC member interested in participating. Action: Dan and Mary DeFoor graciously did agree to volunteer for the position in 2019. Thank you for volunteering to continue to build the relationship with the GAEA.  Dan and Mary reported they are still getting great feed back from our spring workshop with GAEA.


5. Continue to develop GCC online presence completing web site, maintaining Facebook and researching other online sites, to promote GCC and regional clay artists. Fred encouraged members to share options online as they learn about the sites.


Old Business

Upcoming Exhibit and Show: Oct 5-25, 2018 Centering on Clay Cherokee Art Center, Canton GA  94 North St.

Set up starts Tues Oct 2 and continues Oct 3 and 4. (CAC requires A GCC volunteer must be available to check in GCC members.) Exact Time for drop off TBA.

Take down Friday, Oct 26 CAC business hours. Saturday, Oct 27 12-3 pm only.

Great space. Moderate prices sell best, there are also art collectors at CAC.

CAC annual Holiday show follows. Work can be held over for that show if you are interested.

Commitment to show will be due Sat. Sept 15, 2018. Email gaclaycouncil@gmail.com or call 678 310 4502. (Commitment was extended to Sept 19th at the Raku workshop)


Web site Update: Discussion: Megan requested that phone numbers and emails on the new gaclaycouncil.com site be confirmed, by each member.( If you were at the meeting and signed off, you are good to go.)  We were reminded to be sure to use the gacouncilclay.com web site. NOT org.  Photos are still needed to complete the members page.


Raku date changed.   Discussion: Wed Sept 19, 2018. 6pm.  Due to many members expressing they were doing fall shows again, the date was changed back to a week night. Volunteer(s) are needed to help set up for firing. Call 678 310 4502.  Photography round table date TBA.

Treasures Report: Balance last meeting                            $4269.73

Balance after revenues and expenses this quarter         $4436.29

May Minutes were approved.   

Denise VanBalen gave an update on the CAC Clay Totem community grant project. GCC is a sponsor.  2 parts of the totem are yet to be glazed. The 6’ structure is tentatively schedule to be installed early this fall.

The Meeting was closed at 7:00pm. The meeting was hosted by Phoebe Maze.  Her gardens were beautiful, the food was great, and Phoebe also arranged a very fine plant swap. It was a perfect summer night.

Attendees: Laura and Fred Ellis, Mary and Dan DeFoor, Triny Cline, Phoebe Maze, Marie-LuceVanAsten ,Denise VanBalen, Janet Smith, Debbie Flat, Megan Baker, Deborah Macknight and Sue Burkhart Chisholm,  Secretary GCC

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