GCC Minutes Thursday November 8, 2018


The meeting was called to order by President Fred Ellis 6:00pm.

Treasury Report: by Laura Ellis ending balance 3rd quarter: $4,328.93


Minutes: were passed around to the members attending for review, as the President began nominations. Nominations were approved. No corrections made to minutes.


Election of Executive Board Officers: A motion was made for an or down vote on slate of officers. Motion carried. Officers for Nov 2018-2019 are: Phoebe Maze, President, Megan Baker, Vice president, Debbie Macknight, Treasurer, Sue Chisholm, Secretary.


Committee(s) Development: all appointed positions. Megan will chair the Social Media committee. Dan and Mary DeFoor: Education Recourses, Denise Van Balen: Marketing. A discussion was held regarding the committees on Exhibits and Workshops. It was the consensus of the group that a list of workers for events needs to be developed. (No interest in chairing those committees has surfaced, but much interest in “willing to help out”, has been given.) Further development of list of volunteers to “Help Out” will be addressed at the February meeting.


Upcoming Workshops: Save the dates. Budgets for each workshop is under development, prices TBA.


David Robinson Saturday and Sunday March 23-24, 2019 Something Southern Pottery. Figure Sculpture. On Facebook David Robinson Clayworks, also hhtp://davidrobinson.website/


Ann Wallin Saturday April 6, 2019. 3582 Chestatee Dr Marietta, Ga 30066. Demonstration on Raku firing. Ann’s firing techniques varies from “GCC process used at Something Southern”. A Raku Firing date at Something Southern will be set at the workshop to test out the new techniques.


Barry Gregg “Functional whimsical Clay Sculptures for Table Top Use.” Date pending, Spring 2019 at Something Southern Pottery. View www.barrygreggclayworks.com . On Facebook Barry Gregg Clayworks.


Exhibits :

* Gilmer Co. Arts/Ellijay July 12-August 7, 2019. Further details will be discussed at the February21st meeting.


GCC/ CAC Exhibit: End of show report. The show had great GCC participation, 19 artists. The body of work had a fantastic variety in both techniques, and prices. CAC reported the show was well attended. Sales were soft. A discussion on the value of doing exhibits at art centers ensued. The discussion concluded; Art Centers have low marketing budgets and are short staffed. Great sales expectations should be limited. The value is in exposure for GCC and learning event for GCC emerging artist. The value of exposure is in The Marks Project, see details below. The group did believe GCC should continue to support art center exhibits. Now, with a marketing committee volunteer, GCC can develop a stronger overall marketing plan. We can then, implement a marketing strategy for each exhibit, providing other members give a helping hand to the executive board.


The Dalton Art Center Exhibit/GCC Fall 2020 is in the works thanks to Dan and Mary DeFoor.


Winter GCC Meetings: A discussion was held over moving the November and February meetings to daytime. The group agreed overwhelmingly to move the meetings into daylight hours.

February 21,2019 GCC 1st Quarter Meeting will be held at Something Southern Pottery 11:30 am pot luck at 12:30.

Following lunch, a round table discussion will be held on “Affordable Photo Lighting and Backdrops ”. It will be a DYI /hands on discussion. A photo booth will be assembled. Bring 1 piece of work and a photo will be taken and used for the GCC web site. Annual Dues will be due, so bring your credit card or check book!


Web site update: Megan will begin to reach out to members to discussion their page on gcc site. If you have images for the site send them to gaclaycouncil@gmail.com .


The Mark Project Inc: The Mark Dictionary of American Ceramics (www.themarksproject.org ) was in contact with GCC at the Bowen Exhibit. Phoebe followed up with Jeff Kuratnick and did and interview over the phone. Attached are the details. The Marks Project is compiling a list of American clay studio artist from 1946 to now. This is an interesting opportunity, be sure to open both pages of the attachments.


In closing: * FYI: Fred heard from the director of Gilmer arts assoc. on Friday, Nov 9. I added the info to the minutes, so the dates could be saved, as you plan out your 2019 show schedules.

We really covered a lot of ground, with great discussions and input. The November meeting really did set a foot print for 2019. In attendance: Ann Wallin, Cathy Mozley, Phoebe Maze, Barb Murphy, Megan Baker, Denise Van Balen, Debbie Macknight, Fred and Laura Ellis and yours truly. Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm. A fine chili pot luck warmed up a rainy night.


Sue B Chisholm, Secretary GCC

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