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Always had a passion for clay.

As I studied modeling and sculpting, I realized that clay has infinite
possibilities; it speaks words my voice cannot express, feelings my heart does not know it carries.


Born in Uruguay with a European family background, I’ve always liked to work with my hands. As life took me to different countries, I always managed to find a ceramic class to attend. As a result, I took wheel and hand building classes here in America, in Thames Ditton, England, and in Chateauneuf de Grasse, France.

Graciela Herrero

oso 3.jpg
Sofie Martinique De la Vega y Monte  det
Sofie Martinique De la Vega y Monte  det
Canary Lantern detail.jpg
Salome right.jpg
Salome left.jpg

While raising my children, I always made time for a ceramic class here and there. And as they grew older, I am able to focus on my own career and passion for the arts, working toward a Degree in Fine Arts with emphasis in sculpture at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco.

Salome front.jpg

My passion for clay has only grown over the years. And while working each piece, I feel “a communication” with the clay through the whole process of modeling, shaping the details, choosing its finishes...until there is a certain satisfaction for a completed piece, capable of conveying a message to the viewer, causing emotions, becoming a conversation piece. Clay and its infinite possibilities...

Graciela lives in Kennesaw, Georgia and continues to study at the Academy of Art University online.

Gitanilla 3.jpg
Mi gorra 1.jpg
Telefono detalle.jpg
Canary Lantern.jpg
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