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Triny Cline
& Mike Sherrer

Native Georgians, Triny Cline and her husband, Mike Sherrer are nationally recognized sculptors. 
Though originally from widely diverse artistic backgrounds, (Cline was a photographer and realistic pencil drawer, and Sherrer was an abstract stonecarver and computer programming major), they have collaborated since l986, when they met at the University of Georgia. Married in l991, they have since lived outside Canton, Georgia, where they built the Byrd Mountain Foundry. Their business is named after the nearby pre-civil war plantation their "mountain" was named for. The land has been in the Cline family since that time.

Triny Cline grew up with pottery, her parents being avid collectors of D.X. Gordy and other local potters. She was an adjunct art instructor on the college level for eight years, where she taught, among other art classes, the ceramics classes.

Appropriate for daily use, their stoneware pottery is wheel thrown or slab-built, with hand pulled and extruded additions. The glazes are non-toxic and lead free. Triny formulates her own glazes and by using multiple and overlapping glaze applications of blue, brown and green, the glaze patterns suggest a surreal landscape. Pieces are fired in an electric kiln to cone 7.

Triny and Mike have been selling their work at art festivals since 1990, from Miami to Michigan, from Cherry Creek to Long's Park. They also show on the Internet, with their home page,

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