Volunteer Opportunities

The Georgia Clay Council runs on volunteers. There are always opportunities to pitch in and help out.

While there are many ways to help, here are a few to get you thinking about what you can bring to the GCC and enrich its members:

Workshop preparation. Assist in setting up and cleaning up after the event.

Seminars, presentations, lectures, demonstrations (hands on or off). Do you have skills or knowledge you'd be willing to share in an informal setting? Are you kicking around a class idea and want to try it out on us? Do you want to learn something new and would like to form a group to learn together? The possibilities are endless.


Art Educators Resource. We are compiling a list of GCC members interested and willing to work with teachers of all grade levels. We want to help the educators inspire their students with clay!

The GCC Shows and Exhibitions. Logistics, marketing, the hanging process are all ways you can help.

Hold office in the GCC! Would you like to help run the GCC?

Host a GCC Quarterly meeting! It's fun to see each others studios, homes, and spend a nice evening together.

Don't be shy! If you have an idea, let us know. We're always looking for new ideas and inspiration.