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The gallery space is large enough that we believe we can host 8 pieces per artist.

Please fill in the form below and bring to the gallery with your submissions. 

The next Member Meeting is August 10th -
Mark your calendars!
Kathryn has offered to host in Calhoun, GA.
5:30 Meet a Member
6:00 Potluck and Meeting

Address to come.

Future Workshops:

At our last member meeting, Kathryn Holt submitted a questionnaire for member interest in future workshops. Please submit one below if you weren't able to attend the meeting in-person.

We’d LOVE to hear what your interests are and about any artists that inspire you. We can always reach out and invite them to present a workshop. 

We're looking for ideas!

GCC Future Workshop Survey...
Which topics would you like to have for future GCC workshops?
Interested in other types of learning experiences?

Thank you for submitting your ideas!

We want to know what you are interested in and how we can improve the GCC.