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Surface Technique on Greenware or Bisque Ceramics
Luce Van Asten - March 26 and 27, 2022

During this workshop, I will demonstrate a range of surface techniques to be used on greenware or bisque. I will bring leather hard tiles for you to practice on. If you want, you can also bring 3 or 4 bisque cylinders maximum diameter 4”.

My goal is to examine ways to decorate ceramics using underglaze on greenware or bisque. Also for you to create a range of useful samples for you to refer to later.


Here are the different techniques you will be exposed to:

-Differences between Sgraffito and Mishima

-Screen printed image transfer techniques

-Make your own transfer image on newsprint paper

-Paint an image on a gelli-plate and transfer it

-Texture and print-making on clay

-Slip trail underglaze

-Spray painting on clay with a spray bottle

-Magic water recipe (9.5 gr sodium silicate, 3 gr soda ash, 1 gallon of water)


You will receive a booklet with an outline of all techniques and recipes.

A Gelli-plate (6” x 6”), Wonderfoam sheets used for school craft and a rubber roller.


Useful Tools to bring along 


•    5 or 6 different Underglaze you like to use but not stroke & coat (I will have some)

•    Lug1 black Amaco underglaze

•    Any carving tools you like to make thin lines

•    One pin tool

•    Colored and black and white images with not too many details (6”x 6”)

•    newsprint paper

•    A small yellow Sherrill mud tool

•    Scissors

•    One small spray water bottle

•    A range of flat painting brushes

•    Wax

•    A container of at least 2 ½ quarts for water and a smaller one for wax

•    Textures like fruit package nets or any texture with holes (I will have some)

•    Sponges

•    Paper towels

•    A small towel

•    2 or 3 Small boards

•    Some craft stencils

•    White slip if you have some or underglaze

•    A booklet for note taking

•    Pencils

•    3 or 4 bisque vessels diameter 4”

•    One empty slip trail bottle (I will have some)


Slip Trailing and Surface Decoration with Stacy Morgan 

Saturday & Sunday 

May 14 & 15, 2022

10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m. 


Slip Trailing 

An intensive, full day, hands on workshop about slip trailed decoration for ceramic  artists and potters. We’ll start with an information packed discussion and a demonstration of  the properties of slip, recipes and how to prepare them, how to adjust for the most desirable  flow and application, how to add colorants, a variety of tools for different effects, effective  drying and firing. 

The second part of the day is hands-on. We’ll explore a variety of application techniques on practice slabs of clay.  


Beyond Slip Trailing 

We will  cover texturizing and special effects with plain and colored slips, building layers of interest with  slip from 2-D effects to 3-D effects, basic Mishima and Sgraffito, and a great way of making and  using stencils using a Cricut and a smartphone, that are perfect for working with slip to build  depth and interest on pottery surfaces.  

Participant materials: Attendees will need medium leather hard, small to medium pieces on which to practice each technique. Suggested: 4-5 pieces. Basic potter tools, paint brushes, foam applicators, heat gun, wax resist, water pails, sponges etc. Stacy will bring the slip trailers she prefers, and they will be available for purchase.  

Other Good Information:

Water, snacks and lunches will be provided both days. Typical lunches are Publix sandwich trays, chips, fruit, dessert for one day; Pizza, salads, and dessert for another. Participants will have access to a refrigerator to bring meals for dietary restrictions and other drinks. 

Friday Night Pre-party! Meet the Artist  Friday May 13, 2022

6 p.m. dinner followed by a conversation with Stacy Morgan. Open to all members and workshop attendees.

Check out Stacy’s website to see her work: https://www.spmorganstudio.com/

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