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The creation of an Annual Scholarship for continuing education for GCC members was put to the membership at the 4th Quarter Meeting in 2021 and passed. Current members are able to submit a proposal to the board for an award of up to $1000 towards a class or workshop in the coming year. The cost of this scholarship is covered through annual membership dues. The member would then be responsible for teaching what they learned, or some of it, to the rest of the GCC members. This would not only expand the education of the member receiving the award, but also the knowledge of the GCC membership as a whole.

  • Members will submit the amount the member is requesting, which class or workshop they would attend, the knowledge or skills they hope to acquire, and how it may benefit the GCC membership.

  • The attendee will share what they have learned to the membership as a demo or roundtable before a regular membership meeting or in a half-day, one-day, or two-day workshop.

  • The award can be up to $1000 and will be paid directly to the venue if possible. Reimbursement with copy of receipt if necessary.

  • If several members request smaller amounts, there may be more than one award in a year.

  • There are no restrictions on where or when the class or workshop is to take place.

  • The class or workshop does not need to be strictly a clay class, but must relate to clay work in some way.

  • In a vote during the November 9, 2024 member meeting, board members are now eligible to apply for a scholarship. All applicant's classes or workshop requests will be presented to the membership in a blind vote. The applicant with the most votes will receive the award. In the case of a tie of two applications, the money may be divided at the boards discretion.  


The 2024 application is due by November 30th.

The winner will be announced January 1, 2024.

2024 Scholarship Application

Thanks for applying!

We're excited to learn new things with you!

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