About the Georgia Clay Council

Established in 2003, the GCC is an all volunteer organization, administrated by an elected board.

Striving to provide learning and enrichment opportunities, the GCC seeks to engage clay artists, of all skill levels, to unlock the unlimited possibilities clay has to offer.

The Georgia Clay Council offers exhibitions and shows partnered with regional art centers and galleries that are open to all members. 

The GCC provides quarterly opportunities for cultural and educational growth. Regional, national, and  local artists are invited to present lectures, hands on workshops, and seminars.

The GCC has also created a network of regional resources for educators, clay professionals, and students seeking specific expertise and experience. 

Most importantly, the Georgia Clay Council values the camaraderie of fellow artists as we promote clay works in Georgia.

They say the clay remembers the hands that made it.

Byrd Baylor

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Last Updated March 15, 2021 

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