• February 8, 2018


    Dan and Mary DeFoor, Sue Chisholm, Ann Wallin, Linda Zolotnik, C. Larry Wilson

    Triny Cline, Tina Vamvakias, Debbie Flatt, Megan Baker, Fred and Laura Ellis

    Meeting called to order: 6: 15pm by President Fred Ellis

    Minutes approved.

  • Treasurer Report:

    Laura Ellis, Correction on Nov minutes treasury should have read $4,009.88, not $4,009.66.

    Balance after workshop revenues and expenses and member dues being paid $4,552,86.

    Laura did remind us Gcc dues were due Jan 1, 2018 for calendar year.


  • A. Dawsonville/ Bowen Art Center Exhibit closes: Feb 23, 2018

    Pick up: Saturday Feb 24, 2018,1pm to 4pm and Tues Feb 27,2018, 10 am to 4pm

  • B. Upcoming Harris Art Center/ Calhoun, GA, April 11 thru June 6, 2018.

    Commitment to show: Notify GCC, Monday April 2,2018, to gaclaycouncil@gmail.com

    *** Please include ball park number of pieces and if work hangs or sits. We’ll compile and

    forward to Mary DeFoor at Harris art center

    Drop off: Saturday April 7, 2018, 1pm to 3pm.

    Monday April 9, 2018, 10am to 6pm. Harris Business hours

    Load in has easy access with ramps and dollies.

    NOTE: Wall work greatly needed. The Harris Center has numerous walls to fill.

    Hi res images needed for marketing the Gcc show. mary.defoor@gmail.com.

    If work needs special display features, Gcc members should bring their own


    Reception: Sunday April 22, 2018, 3:00pm to 4:430pm

    (Gcc does not need to supply and refreshments)

    Pick up dates: Friday June 7, 10am to 4 pm

    Saturday June 8, 10 am to 2pm


  • GA Art Educators Regional Spring Workshop Saturday April 21, 2018

    GCC Demonstrations:

    1. Raku firing. Volunteers: Larry Wilson, Ann Wallin, Dan DeFoor and Fred Ellis

    Includes glazing work shop for Art educators to do own bisque firing.

    Bisque ware to be sold by gcc to teachers. Recouping cost of raku demo.

    Ann Wallin will mix Glazes for demonstration

    2. Hand building Techniques: for the classrooms grades 1-12

    Volunteer: Ann Wallin

    3. Wheel Demonstration.

    4. Other Ideas for demonstrations welcome, need by April 1.


  • A. GCC Workshops: Past Jan 20-21, 2018 with Lynette Hesser and Steve Loucks

    was both very entertaining and most informative.

    15 gcc members were in attended the demonstration, lectures, and slide show presentation.


  • B.GCC Workshop Upcoming: Saturday July 14 -15 2018,

    Christine Kosiba and Kristen Stingle “Hands on Workshop Featuring “The Wheel and Sculpture”

    Price: TBA members registration is limited to 12.

  • Pickens Appalachian Folk School: Jasper, Geo

    Larry Wilson gave GCC an update, the Southern Appalachian Folk School is now a reality.

    SAFSGA is located at 225 Chambers St, Jasper Georgia.

    Blue prints and Architect drawings were presented. Classes begin last weekend in February. Classes for now weekend only. Fund raising is ongoing. Donations of appropriate equipment gratefully accepted.

    View: safsga.org Fred Elis offered Gcc support.


  • Cherokee County Art Center:

    Motion was made purchase a used clay extruder from Ann Wallin for $250 and donate to the

    Cherokee Art center, clay studio. Motion seconded, voted unanimous to approve the purchase.


  • May 10,2018 Elections

    Elections will be held at next meeting. A social media position needs to be developed and volunteer secured. Members interested in holding office should contact Fred Ellis. gaclaycouncil@gmail.com

    Meeting was adjourned 8:15 pm.

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