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Ana Leal

I am originally from Brazil and came to the US when I was eighteen to attend College. I have lived in many different states, mostly on the East coast, and have finally settled in Acworth Georgia, which I call home.


I fell in love with Pottery in 2011 by accident, when I joined a Pottery/Ceramics club at my work. I found it very relaxing, addicting and soon it became my passion. I am a retired Aeronautical Engineer and I believe working with 3D Computer Aided Design for so many years has given me an advantage when working with clay. I am finally doing what I love (working with clay) full time and I have a fully functional studio in my garage.

I’ve been making one of a kind wheel-thrown, altered and hand-built pottery since 2012. I describe my work as tropical inspired with a 3-D surface texture that begs to be touched. I create a watercolor effect on the glossy surface and my designs are original and hand painted using underglazes. I achieve this texture by altering the piece after it is wheel thrown, using mostly my fingers and a few shaping tools to outline the design for a finished look.


I’m hoping to make a positive impact on people’s lives through my art. 


You can find a gallery of my pottery and processes on Instagram @AnaLealPottery and on my website at

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