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Deborah Macknight

Growing up on the lakes and rivers of West Texas I was always fascinated by
the severe contrast of the dark red clay that bordered so much of its blue green
waters.There was a " see the bottom " transparency along the water's edge
where dozens of small glass like pools would form in the dark red indentations.
With a child's keen eye I was always in search of life in these tiny pools. With
close examination I could usually spot a minnow or two, the occasional tadpole,
snails and always an assortment of green growing stuff.
Now living in Georgia, with a small pond of my own, I'm still fascinated by the
small microcosm of aquatic life. Most spring mornings I can be found at waters
edge gazing deeply into the grasses, still searching for nature's hidden
As a clay artist I find myself recreating many of those images from the water's
edge, each sculpture depicting a frozen moment in time. with high-fired
stoneware, fused glass and copper accents. I strive to capture that feeling of discovery in each piece.
Deborah Macknight.2 10-18.jpg
IDeborah Macknight.5 10-18.jpg
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