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Laura and Fred Ellis

Our pottery adventure began in 1994 when Laura and I, spent a lot of our off duty time from work going to arts and crafts fairs. Laura was into stained glass, fused glass and drawing. I was into anything that could be made or shaped by hand, wood turning, glass blowing, candle making and most especially clay work. Every time I saw a potter at work, I would just stand and watch. Laura got so tired of hearing how I thought it would be fun and I would like to try it.  I came in from work one day and she pointed to a news paper that was stuck to the refrigerator door. It was a full page ad about a pottery class that was being offered. My reply was rather off handed that it looked like fun. Laura said that she hoped so, that I started Monday.

And that was how I started and where I met Bob Fazio, an Art Instructor and potter. Bob had studied under Charles Counts, a world renowned potter and author. I truly fell in love with clay the first time I felt it slip through my fingers on the wheel.

2018 Show Schedule

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