Julie Brown

     Julie discovered in her college years how clay can be used to create unique pieces for everyday use. She enrolled in ceramics classes every semester for 4 years in college. She will probably tell you that she went to college on a golf scholarship to learn more about clay. It is true!  

     After soaking up techniques of forming and decorating possibilities and the firing processes she pursued further avenues to gain more insight. She took more classes & served an apprenticeship at Callanwolde in Atlanta. This opportunity gave her the time to further explore and offer her knowledge to others in a community studio. This also provided the essentials of operating a quality studio.

     She has conducted private and group instruction in Forsyth County, Georgia. She has continued to maintain a home studio since 1997 and offers her work through retail and art shows outlets. 

     She welcomes the opportunity to share with you the unlimited possibilities in working with clay.

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"Always inspired by nature I choose glowing hues of sunrises and sunsets greens of rolling hills, blues of sparkling waters purple tones of majestic mountains, and seasonal browns to inform my pallet. The added joy is that these treasures in clay are created to be shared with others who will complete the piece in their environment." 


"I am fascinated that as a potter I am able to create something that is useful, out of nothing. I am sensitive to the characteristics of clay coming from the raw ground and made into a useful product. I shape and transform them into ceramic vessels that are highly functional and pleasing to the eye."