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Martie L. Moore

I am Martie L Moore, and I have been playing in mud all my life!  My earliest explorations included  making silt pies in creek beds, scaling chalk hills, dripping castles on gulf beaches, digging hidey-holes, and climbing red clay banks cut away from country roads.  Even today, you can find me digging clay from “out in the wild."  I took my first clay class when I was seven and enjoyed any opportunity to create with clay throughout my school career.  Throughout my adult life, the call of clay has been persistent, either borrowing wheel time, selling in craft shows, and teaching art in public schools.  It was no accident that clay overwhelmingly was my students’ favorite media! 

At this phase of my life, I have fulfilled my goal of creating a complete pottery studio which is accessible any time of day!  I am pursuing my dreams of being an accomplished potter and of selling my wares and donating all my profits to humanitarian charities. 

My studio is Still Waters Pottery in Marietta.  You can read more about my studio and story at and see my portfolio on ! 

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