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Phoebe Maze

My interests are architecture, nature and the narrative. As a painter, I wanted to reach into the painting and use my hands to build the painting; it could be frustrating. Clay satisfies my need to build. I love temples and the stories behind them.  My interest in temples came from a visit to Mount Everest. There were many temples dedicated to the casualties of Mt Everest. The ones that impressed me the most were the ones that the Sherpas made to their dead using native stone. Also, I use the clay to create story tiles. These story tiles are my interpretation of mythology, children’s fairy tales or any scene from my imagination. I installed 23 temples in Cashin’s Sculpture Garden at Chukkar Farm Polo Club. That exhibit just ended after 3 years. I have exhibited at various art galleries over the years.  I studied art at UGA, Ga. State. And countless workshops.

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