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  1. Create an account:

2. Go to “New Show Entry” in your account:

3. Choose Georgia Clay Council from the list shown:

4. Information about dates, image specifications, file names, sales, pick-up, etc are included. Check the agreement at the bottom:

5. Then you will be able to “Make your Entry”:







Things to note:

  • Deadline on the site is July 10th. We were told that submissions would be sent in on the 12th but, to be sure, plan to have it done by the 10th.

  • Fees have been paid by the Georgia Clay Council for submission through Show Submit. 

  • You can continue making changes up until the entry is automatically submitted on the 10th (or 12th?).

Show Submit step 1.JPG
Show Submit step 2.JPG
Show Submit step 3.JPG
Show Submit step 4.JPG
Show Submit step 5.JPG
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