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Tracy Cullen

My clay journey began in 2022 studying under brilliant potter Julie Nunn whose passion for the art form was so contagious I was immediately hooked and I fell in love with clay.


Because of my background in interior design and furniture artistry I’m always inspired by beauty in shapes, colors and textures that create visual and tactile interest and try to incorporate those elements into my pottery. I draw my inspiration from the beauty surrounding me. Living in North Georgia and growing up in Southern California with a brief time in Australia, the beaches, landscapes, trees, colors of a sunrise, sunset, or a walk in the woods to the lake near our house all inspire my clay works. 

I’m fortunate to spend my days in my pottery studio working alongside my husband, who is an acclaimed custom fountain pen maker, who works in his adjacent pen workshop. Our shared love for artistry and being creative translates into long days in our shops creating.


I currently offer functional stoneware that are either wheel thrown or hand built and I see some sculptures in my future as I continue to learn and grow as a potter. Using different stoneware clays and food safe glazes, all pieces are hand crafted in Canton, Georgia and are one of a kind.


Pottery is my passion and it has brought me so much joy creating it and sharing my my art with others.  You can find my work on Facebook @ Tracy Cullen Pottery and Instagram @tracycullenpottery

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